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detail from Hoover : the story of a crusade. (1926)

The marks on the carpet show how long each stroke should be and a metronome guides her in making a given number of strokes per minute. By measuring her carbon—dioxide exhalation while she works, the amount of energy required to sweep with different devices and in different ways—slow, fast, long strokes, short strokes, etc.—is accurately determined. Such tests were made to determine Hoover technique and they demonstrated that the Hoover offers
the least fatiguing way of cleaning carpets and rugs


A Point in the Right Direction | 2011

My Family and I were already on our way to Guangzhou International Airport to catch our flight out of China.

While in the van, I noticed a faint outline of a structure that was trying to stand out amid the haze and the cacophony of rooftops, as if calling me out, telling me to get my camera ready for a full body shot.

About 10 minutes after, and while the van was speeding at around 80 kph, we negotiated a gradual curve that led us to a clearing.

That’s when I realized we were about to pass a railroad system… which meant that there will be a clear line of sight for the shot requested.

With camera in hand and the viewfinder pressed against my right eye, I waited and let off around 3 successive snaps, hoping to, at least, get one shot of the tower centrally framed.

I immediately chimped and smiled wide enough, thereafter.

Wide enough to leave the Cheshire Cat green with envy.


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